This Giant Buck Was Allegedly Taken Near Ithaca Sometime Last Week

This giant buck was rumored to have been taken somewhere near Ithaca sometime last week. He allegedly scored green at 196 Gross and 187 5/8 Net. If the scores are accurate, this buck could possibly qualify for state record status. If the hunter that harvested this monster happens to read this, please either leave a comment at the end of the post, or e-mail me at so we can post the story of this amazing Whitetail.

Disclaimer – This post is based strictly on rumor, photos were obtained by e-mail and text messaging. We are currently seeking out the hunter that harvested this buck in order to obtain an accurate account of the hunt and the scores. We will post any updates as they become available.

The following are the current NY State Record Archery Whitetails:

Record Archery Non-Typical - Score: 205 1/8 Number of Points: 17 Year Taken: 1996 County: Erie - Photo Courtesy of NYS Big Buck Club

Record Archery Typical - Score: 180 1/8 Number of Points: 14 Year Taken: 1998 County: Westchester - Photo Courtesy of the NYS Big Buck Club

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3 comments on “This Giant Buck Was Allegedly Taken Near Ithaca Sometime Last Week

  1. This big buck looks just like the one I been watching in Cayuga Heigts which is IN THE CITY OF ITHACA N.Y. How could this be???

  2. Thank you for your response Jerry. Like I mentioned in the article above, I received the photos of this deer from two different sources, one by e-mail, and the other by text messaging. That is all I know about this deer. I heard that it was taken near Ithaca/Cayuga Heights, it would be great if you had more information. Do you have any pics of it alive? It would be great to post them.
    I can only hope that either the hunter, or someone that the hunter knows reads this article so we can find out some of the details regarding the hunt.

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