Fishing Report: 11/5-6/2011 Catherine Creek

Catherine Creek Salmon

We started around 8:00am Saturday morning at the power plant. There were 4 or 5 guys working the upper hole so the kids and I went downstream to the lower hole. We dredged the bottom for about 20 minutes and watched 3 more fisherman downstream at the bend below working the run with no success. We moved up to the upper hole, and fished under the bridge for about 20-30 minutes catching only a small yearling Rainbow and a Creek Chub.

We decided to pack up and drive down to the Montour Marina and hike upstream from the beginning of Catherine Creek where it dumps into the canal. After hiking only a short distance upstream Abbi found a Tick crawling up her leg, so for the safety of the kids we retreated back out of the brush and back to the Blazer to do a full Tick inspection. After verifying that the kids were Tick free we drove around to Swamp Road and parked in the Catherine Creek Marsh and hiked in to the Creek from there. When we reached the water we ran into a man and his grandson from Pennsylvania who had landed a monster male Salmon, so this gave us a little confidence that there was at least a few fish in the creek.

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The kids and I hiked upstream to the first hole and spotted a small Salmon laying on the bottom. After a few minutes of negotiations with a hot pink egg sack the fish succumbed to Lece’s offering and tired after a short fight but not without a nice acrobatic display. This hole produced two more decent fish on the egg sacks for Abbi and we decided to leave for the day while we were ahead. Not to mention, Grant needed lunch and a nap so we decided to give it a rest and come back on Sunday morning.

There’s nothing like getting up on Sunday morning and having a cup of coffee (hot coco for the kids) while driving back to a spot on the creek where you know that there’s fish with your kids; except when you get there it is completely loaded with people, must be we weren’t the only ones that knew that hole had fish in it. So on that note we decided to start at the 224 bridge and walk upstream to the Havana Glen confluence. The walk was beautiful crystal clear water with at least 15 beds throughout that section of creek, the only problem was that there were no fish. We decided to hike back to the Blazer and go downstream and give the honey hole another go, hopefully the people were gone and left a few fish for us.

When we got there, one guy was just leaving the hole and walking upstream with two Salmon on a stringer, another angler had two more on a stringer tied up on the edge of the hole, and two other anglers were still fishing the hole. We weren’t going to catch a break today I thought. As we approached the hole, the two anglers still fishing decided to leave, and luckily didn’t spot the two huge Salmon laying in the creek just downstream as they walked past. After a short effort, the fat Hen took an egg sack for Lece and put up a fantastic fight. It was Lece’s biggest fish so far, and she begged to have it mounted. How can a father say no to that?

All in all; Catherine produced well this weekend. More fish should be moving in over the next few weeks and the next high cold water should bring in some Rainbows. I haven’t seen any Browns in the creek, and haven’t seen anyone catching them while I was there. If any readers have been fishing at Catherine and would like to add to this report please do it in the comment section at the end of the post. Either click on the name header at the top of the post and scroll to the bottom, or click on the little cloud Icon in the top right of the article.

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One comment on “Fishing Report: 11/5-6/2011 Catherine Creek

  1. I was down at cathrine at the lower end on sunday as well as my brother and father. We made out pretty good. Between the 3 of us we landed 8 fish. 7 were keeper size and the other was just shy an inch or so. 7 of the 8 were salmon and the other was a brown trout. But like jeff said there were beds everywheres and no fish on them which leads me to believe we caught the end of the run for now.

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